What does it take to win Powerball?

Is it luck that makes people win powerball or did they all utilize powerball winning strategies?

I recently came across a video in which a gentleman, who has reportedly won large lottery jackpots at least 7 times was being interviewed. The gentleman, I believe his name is, Richard Lustig, was maintaining that a person doesn’t need luck to win the lottery. He used himself as the case in point, claiming that his repeat winnings happened because of strategies he applied, not because of luck.

Lustig didn’t go into detail about his strategies. It wouldn’t have been in his best interest to come right out and tell the viewing public what they need to do to guarantee themselves lottery winnings. They would then have no need to buy the book he had written in which he had shared those very secrets. I believe the book is titled “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”. He was kind enough, however, to give away one little tip. He said don’t play quick pick because you will never win. Of course there have been more than a handful of past lottery winners who won on quick pick tickets so you have to wonder about the pertinence of that bit of advice.

Of course I did not take Richard Lustig any more seriously than I have ever taken anyone who has claimed they have a system that they concocted which can help people win the lottery or at least improve their chances of winning the lottery. I would never spend money on lottery winning strategy books or on software; but I have wondered about powerball winning strategies and other lottery winning strategies, whether there is a way to improve your chances of winning by studying past winning numbers and looking for trends.

Where do powerball winning strategies come from?

The fact is, anyone can pull anything out their you know what and call it a powerball winning strategy. The problem for you is that they will usually pack this into a book or software and you can’t get access to it without paying them money; so you don’t get to test these strategies to see if they can actually work unless you’re willing to fork over some cash; and you know better than to waste your money on something that is more likely to turn out to be a great big load of BS.

Some time last year I decided I was going to win powerball, because you know, all you have to do is decide, intend and expect and boom–you’ve got that which you attracted into your life. After playing a few times and losing, I decided to spend some time studying past winning numbers to see if I could find any useful patterns that might help improve my chances of winning. I put my computer programming skills to use and created a PHP script into which I plugged the past powerball winning numbers which I downloaded from the powerball website. I then spent some time running a series of tests on the numbers looking for patterns.

Based on my tests I came up with a set of numbers that I decided I would play for the rest of the year. Of course I didn’t stick to the plan. For one thing I hardly ever played powerball. For another, when I did play, I couldn’t stick to my decision to play the same set of numbers each time.

A moment ago I checked my numbers to see how much if anything I would have won had I played them consistently last year. The results look something like this:

Prize Level: 3-of-5

Powerball Power Play
Date Numbers Winners Prize Winners Prize
08/25/2012 1 – 6 – 7 – 20 – 49 PB 23 5,965 $7.00 1,618 $14.00
04/21/2012 6 – 8 – 20 – 42 – 51 PB 16 6,841 $7.00 1,553 $14.00

So in 2012, had I played the numbers I came up with after running some tests on past winning numbers, I would have won $14 ( I never do Power Play). Assuming I would have played powerball every Wednesday and Saturday ( I didn’t but let’s pretend I did), then I would have spent approximately $192 and won back $14.

Coming up with Powerball winning strategies

How do people come up with powerball winning strategies?

I am sure that some of the people who have devised systems and strategies for winning the lottery actually make the effort to come up with something based on some form of number science. Not everyone just pulls BS out of their you know what; but at the end of the day the lottery is random and even if you might spot a pseudo pattern here and there and come up with a strategy involving the pattern, that strategy probably won’t have much if anything to do with you winning. If you apply the strategy and always win then okay fine, you’ve hit the gold mine; but if you only win 7 times for playing 365 times I don’t really see how you can claim your strategy works.

When I came up with the set of numbers that I thought would win me the lottery last year, but which would only have won me $14, I focused on looking for patterns around numbers. I studied how many times a certain set of numbers came up together. I picked a number to start. Let’s say I picked the number 8. I then brought up all sets of numbers that included the number 8; then I checked to see if there were particular numbers that seemed to come up more that a few times when 8 came up. Let’s say the number 42 appeared enough times to grab my attention, I would then do research on the number 42 to find what numbers seem to come up frequently when 42 comes up. If there’s a number that comes up frequently with 42 which also comes up frequently with 8 I do research on that number looking for patterns of frequency and relationships between any frequently appearing number and the numbers I have already selected using this system.

Is there a method?

Obviously there is no real method.  There’s no formula that’s going to lead you to an accurate selection of the winning powerball numbers. Until the winning numbers are called no one knows what they will be. You can’t predict them using powerball winning strategies and systems. It’s just not possible; but pseudo patterns can be useful for winning small amounts of money. It’s just that at the end of the day you will have spent a lot of money for that $7 you win back the day you eventually match 3 numbers.

If you type “Powerball winning strategies” into Google you come across an endless list of claims. Here’s an example of what comes up when you do a google research on the term”Powerball winning strategies”:

From smartluck.com  on “How to Win Powerball Lotto” – All it takes is two bucks and a whole lot of luck and some Smart Luck® strategies, of course. In spite of the tremendous odds against winning Powerball, there are several things you can do to play smart. If you want to know how to pick Powerball numbers, we have free methods that can help you win!

Lottery numbers are randomly drawn. But randomly drawn numbers form patterns that can be tracked and used to our advantage. Having carefully analyzed all the drawings in past lotto results of more than 190 different lotto games worldwide, with histories going back as far as 1955, Gail Howard has verified the following incredibly simple rule:

That which is MOST POSSIBLE happens MOST OFTEN.
That which is LEAST POSSIBLE happens LEAST OFTEN.

(Source Link)

It’s tempting to want to believe that it’s possible to control whether you win the lottery or not. Powerball winning strategies, creative visualization techniques, how awesome would it be if winning the lottery came down to something you had within your power to control?

I saw a video today featuring a past lottery winner named Cynthia Stafford. She won $112 million in a California lottery in 2007. When the interviewer asked her about a statement she had read about Stafford invoking her lottery win (willing herself to win the lottery), Stafford said that yes, she essentially invoked her lottery win by visualizing it and setting it as a goal. She wrote down $112 million on a sheet of paper and stuck it up on her wall and looked at it all the time and “just knew that if I kept seeing it, believing it, it will happen.”

It will be easy to dismiss Stafford’s claims as nonsense and chalk her win up to luck, but when you hear about her story you have to wonder if something more than luck might have been responsible for her good fortune. It’s tempting to think there was indeed a force behind Stafford’s win, but if that’s the case then some of us really shouldn’t keep playing the lottery because there’s no way the same force that allowed Cynthia Stafford to win 112 million dollars is going to allow us to win a dime. We’re just not good enough people. We haven’t been as giving as Cynthia Stafford. She’s been donating to UNICEF since she was a little girl, giving part of her allowance. She adopted her brother’s children after her brother died to prevent them from getting lost in the system. She was loving and giving before winning the lottery and after winning she continued to be loving and giving and has not become a victim of the lottery winning curse. She’s still thriving as a result of her win.

But then you think about those people who won who were not like Cynthia Stafford. Yes, most of them went on to lose their money because they were just bad greedy people, but if a force controls who wins the lottery and who doesn’t then obviously being a good person like Cynthia Stafford isn’t a requirement because lots of not so good people have won.

Who knows what the secret is to winning the lottery? It would be interesting to hear from other lottery winners, to find out if more of them applied strategies and what those strategies were. Cynthia Stafford’s explanation about invoking her win could essentially be called a strategy. At least that’s a strategy you can try that shouldn’t cost you a dime. Just write down the jackpot amount on a piece of paper, stick the paper on your wall, look at it all the time and just know that if you keep seeing it and believing it then it will happen.

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